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Digital transformation has enabled multi-device connectivity that not only facilitates the gathering and integration of previously unseen client data, but also allows for always-on customer experiences. Follow Weston Technology Group, LLC. to learn how your organization can use #Microsoft #Azure to eliminate legacy work tools and fully make the jump to digital.

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Digital transformation has become a top priority for private and public organizations thanks to its ability to improve the lives of both consumers and taxpayers. Follow Weston Technology Group, LLC. to stay up-to-date on how new technological and business developments are shaping the world around us, and how you can enable new digital strategies with #Microsoft.

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Guide to Creating a BYOD Policy for Small Business

Do you want to give your employees the freedom to work from anywhere, but aren’t sure where to start in terms of securing company data on their personal devices? Check out this article to learn more about how to protect your company data across all devices.

At Weston Technology Group, LLC., we can help protect your company data, no matter where it’s accessed from. Contact our team to learn more.

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Schneider Electric | How Microsoft Teams helped create a successful HR marketing campaign

Inclusivity is not just a key characteristic of today’s workforce—it’s necessary to create products that appeal to customers across the globe. Watch this video to learn how Schneider Electric used #MicrosoftTeams to create a compelling diversity and inclusion campaign that leveraged resources from around the world, then follow Weston Technology Group, LLC. to learn how Teams can empower your organization.

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Customer story: Garner Foods

Although Garner Foods is based in South Carolina, they sell their products all over the world. With digital tools, their projects are easily managed remotely, and team members can work from anywhere.

With help from Microsoft Business, Garner Foods remains a fourth-generation family business while becoming a world-class operation in terms of IT infrastructure. And with enterprise-grade #security across all company- and employee-owned devices, company information is always secure.

Contact us at Weston Technology Group, LLC. to learn what else you can do with our #Microsoft solutions!

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