Best Practices for AI Security Risk Management

Do you have a workable security process to protect your AI system? If not, you’re playing with fire as attacks on AI systems are a growing concern.

As an important step to empower organizations to reliably audit, track, and improve the security of AI systems, @Microsoft recently released their AI security risk assessment framework.

Check out the blog, that contains a link to the @Microsoft Security AI Security Risk Assessment report, and contact a Weston Technology Group, LLC. Microsoft AI security expert for a deeper dive. #BeFearless #MicrosoftSecurity #ThreatProtection

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Security Alerts and Incidents in Microsoft Defender for Cloud

Given the ever-changing state of the cyberthreat landscape, the question on everyone’s mind is simple: How can businesses stay on top of the latest cyber threats? Any ideas? @Microsoft has the answer with Microsoft Defender for Cloud. We encourage you to read the blog and reach out to a Weston Technology Group, LLC. Microsoft Defender for Cloud expert for a brief consultation.

#microsoftdefender #MicrosoftSecurity

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The Rise of the Triple Peak Day

The 9-to-5 workday is fading with remote and hybrid work. Is this what’s happening at your company? For a look at how employees’ desires for more flexibility and better work/life balance, read this blog showing recent findings from @Microsoft on changing productivity peaks. Get in touch to learn how an expert from Weston Technology Group, LLC. can help you maximize employees’ productivity peaks with Microsoft 365 tools including Microsoft Teams.


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Don’t let AI security risks outweigh the benefits it brings to your organization. @msftsecurity is moving faster than the adversaries. #BeFearless #MicrosoftSecurity

How has AI changed approaches to security risk management? The answer is by empowering organizations to reliably audit, track, and improve the security of their AI systems. Get in touch for in-depth consultation from a Weston Technology Group, LLC. @Microsoft AI security expert. #BeFearless #MicrosoftSecurity #ThreatProtection

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Empowering 2 Billion Global Frontline Workers

Your organization’s culture is formed by connecting your employees to each other, their managers and the company mission. How can @Microsoft Cloud for Retail help you make these connections?

This blog shows the value of providing frontline workers with the right tools and technology to build a successful culture. Read the blog to learn how @Microsoft Cloud for Retail removes friction and streamlines daily tasks for frontline workers in retail.

Let us know in the comments the culture challenges you’re facing and if you’d like to discuss them in greater detail with one of our Weston Technology Group, LLC. Microsoft Cloud for Retail experts.

#MSRetail #MicrosoftCloud

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Did you know healthcare, tech and finance are the 3 industries most targeted for #cyberattacks? Weston Technology Group, LLC. can help with your cybersecurity priorities with a @Microsoft Defender for Cloud expert.

What industries do cybercriminals target most? Check here regularly for updates from Weston Technology Group, LLC. on the benefits of @Microsoft Defender for Cloud and to protect your organization from cybercrime. @Microsoft #MicrosoftDefender

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How many productivity peaks exist in your #hybridwork environment? How can @MicrosoftTeams help manage them? RT to start a conversation.

How many productivity peaks exist in your hybrid work environment? @Microsoft has done research that suggests the 9-to-5 workday is fading in an age of remote and hybrid work and more flexible hours. Consider sharing your thoughts in the comments and get in touch to have a Weston Technology Group, LLC. expert show you how @Microsoft productivity tools help manage these peaks.

#hybridwork #Microsoft365

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Innovative Solar Panel Manufacturer Builds a Solid Foundation for Future Growth on Azure

When you produce highly efficient, reliable solar panels that provide people with clean and affordable solar power, it stands to reason you’d want a highly efficient, long-term network infrastructure. Read how after choosing @Microsoft Azure Cloud, it’s been nothing but sunny skies for the REC Group. Brighten up your organization’s future by contacting a Weston Technology Group, LLC. @Microsoft Security expert to discuss next steps.

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Mobile Threat Defense Best Practices

Stop leaving your business vulnerable to threats from mobile devices. What does Weston Technology Group, LLC. suggest? Start by watching this video showing how to enable Mobile Threat Defense in @Microsoft Security Defender for Endpoint by deploying three simple best practices. #ThreatProtection #CyberSecurity #ThreatIntelligence

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