What is Microsoft Cloud for Retail?

Looking for an easy way to start seamlessly connecting your customers, your people, and your data? @Microsoft Cloud for Retail brings together different data sources across the retail value chain and connects experiences throughout the shopper journey. Read the blog for insight on how you can instantly start elevating the shopping experience for your customers.

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New Zealand Moves to a Cloud-Based Identity Solution for its 4.9 Million Residents

Is your cloud solution delivering a comprehensive suite of solutions and helping you accelerate your digital transformation initiatives? Yes? No? If no, it’s time to leverage decades of @Microsoft’s enterprise operating system and onsite data center expertise. Read what happened when the New Zealand Department of Internal Affairs moved to Microsoft Azure.

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Hybrid Teamwork: A Guide to Flexible Work

Hybrid doesn’t have to mean scattered. How can @Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams empower your hybrid workforce to be productive and secure? Download this eBook for insights on keeping your hybrid workforce connected, productive and secure. Contact a Weston Technology Group, LLC. Microsoft365/Teams expert for a brief consultation.

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Datasheet — Demand Forecasting

Predicting future demand is hard. What challenges do you come up against when estimating future demand? Consider sharing your biggest challenges in the comments. Get this datasheet for an overview of how @Microsoft Dynamics 365 uses machine learning to improve demand forecasting.

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Your Guide to Mobile Digital Forensics

Mobile forensics is fast-moving. What challenges have your investigators come up against? In this blog post, find tips and guidance for approaching an investigation, avoiding common mistakes, building a strong forensics team and staying positive when things get frustrating.? Get the guide. Get in touch for a one-on-walk through from a Weston Technology Group, LLC. digital forensics expert.

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Improved Decision-Making Streamlines Operations for PJS Global

When PJS Global needed to unify real-time transaction tracking across multiple countries and currencies, it turned to @Microsoft Dynamics 365. What did the conglomerate gain? Get the story to see how Dynamics 365 helps the company streamline business processes and accelerate decision making. Share your ideas on how Weston Technology Group, LLC. can help your company meet its supply chain goals and challenges with Microsoft Dynamics 365.

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Microsoft Digital Defense Report

On threat landscapes, the stakes have changed. There is a massive growth trajectory for ransomware and extortion. What is your company doing to protect itself? The Microsoft Digital Defense Report sheds light on the problem and provides actionable ransomware prevention steps. A Microsoft partner, Weston Technology Group, LLC. is available to discuss next steps. What are yours?

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Hybrid Work: A Guide for Business Leaders

Are you struggling to create a successful hybrid work model? You aren’t alone. Get this @Microsoft eBook to discover best practices for building, maintaining and scaling hybrid work models.

?️ this post to connect with an expert at Weston Technology Group, LLC. and get the eBook right now to discover how these hybrid work strategies will help you develop your own hybrid work roadmap.


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Retailers are Partnering with Microsoft to Connect Customers, People & Data

Consumers have come to expect personalized experiences at every touchpoint and the only way to deliver this is through analytics-powered insights. Microsoft Cloud for Retail enables retailers to transform the customer experience by unlocking and making actionable these valuable consumer insights.

Get in touch for in-depth consultation from a Weston Technology Group, LLC. @Microsoft expert.

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