Microsoft Teams Issues Major Blow to Zoom with Game-Changing New Security Features

The launch of end-to-end encryption features in Microsoft Teams dealt a major blow to Zoom. What is the impact on video chat security? Tell us what you think in the comments. A Microsoft 365 provider, the experts at Weston Technology Group, LLC. are available to discuss how these game-changing benefits, highlighted in this article, can bring value to your business.

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Windows Virtual Desktops On-Prem

Azure Virtual Desktop creates an infrastructure that scales with business requirements. What are your top goals and needs? Consider sharing. Then watch this video to see how the latest hybrid management enhancements in Azure deliver the full Windows experience and cost savings.

#AzureVirtualDesktop @Azure

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How can you achieve cloud scale AND build agility & resilience? Check back regularly for tips on how Weston Technology Group, LLC. can help with @Microsoft #AzureVirtualDesktop.

With a Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop infrastructure, achieving cloud scale and building agility and resilience is a can do. What can you do with more scalability, agility and resilience? Share your ideas and check back regularly for updates on Weston Technology Group, LLC.’s Microsoft Azure solutions.



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