Digital tools to empower Frontline Workers

Your #FrontlineWorkers are the first to engage customers, represent your brand, and to see products and services in action. Empower them and boost your bottom line with best-in-class cloud-based productivity software. Give your workforce the best digital tools to improve their performance and communication. Microsoft can help you get started. Learn more:

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6 ways to kickstart DevSecOps

DevOps methodologies provide businesses with a faster and more efficient way to do code—and organizations are turning to DevSecOps as the solution to harden security and address compliance at the same time.

Starting DevSecOps practices can be challenging, especially when working with siloed teams, or when there is reluctance to add security and compliance checks to the delivery pipelines—but we are here to help.

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Microsoft Teams for Frontline Workers

Business thrives when your team is empowered to do more—starting with your Frontline. Frontline Workers are often the first contact for customers and the first to see products in action. Empower them to achieve more and even transform your organization. Microsoft Teams can help. New features can help your team manage their day, be more efficient, and communicate effectively. Help this workforce achieve even more. Learn how in this video:

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Improve observability, strengthen security, and proactively remediate vulnerabilities

There are DevOps tools for every phase of the app lifecycle. Use Azure to implement DevOps practices throughout application planning, development, delivery, and operations. By applying the right combination of DevOps technologies, culture, and processes, you can achieve continual software delivery and offer better value for your customers.

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Overcoming security challenges with DevSecOps

Throughout the years, software development practices have evolved to serve the needs and the speed of business. However, digital leaders are still facing challenges with security and development. The solutions to these challenges are collaboration, tooling, and DevSecOps best practices.

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