Protect against cybersecurity threats with Microsoft 365

At Weston Technology Group, LLC., we know you don’t have time to be hindered by cybersecurity threats. Lucky for you, Microsoft 365 Business provides robust security with comprehensive external threat protection and internal data leak prevention. Here’s a quick view of industry trends, pain points, proof points, and reasons to upgrade to Microsoft 365 Business.

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Spend a day in the life with retail store manager Alex

Alex is a retail store manager whose day is divided among attending meetings, reviewing store performance metrics, coordinating product refreshes, preparing presentations, and interviewing prospective employees. Follow Alex through a typical day and see how #MicrosoftTeams enables him to get through the day quickly, efficiently, and productively. Then contact Weston Technology Group, LLC. to learn how we can help streamline and simplify your day with Teams and #Office365.

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Airport security officer-turned-developer helps Heathrow book a faster journey to digital transformation

At Heathrow airport, one security officer taught himself how to develop in Microsoft #PowerPlatform and created a suite of apps using #PowerBI, #PowerApps, and #Flow that saved the airport 288 hours of manual data input and 11,000 sheets of paper. Watch the video to learn the details of this story, then contact Weston Technology Group, LLC. to learn how we can help your business make its own journey.

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Travel Counsellors Upgrade from On-Premise CRM to Microsoft Dynamics 365

With expert guidance from #Microsoft partner Alithya, travel company Travel Counsellors empowers its own internal team to manage the upgrade from on-premises Microsoft Dynamics to cloud-based #Dynamics365. Watch the video to see how this innovative approach to deploying Dynamics 365 helped Travel Counsellors achieve its strategic business goals while learning CRM implementation from an inside, hands-on perspective. Contact Weston Technology Group, LLC. to learn how we can help your organization make its own journey to cloud-based CRM.

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How NASCAR team Hendrick Motorsports uses Microsoft Teams to win races

To maximize performance, Hendrick Motorsports collects and analyzes real-time racecar telemetry, then shares this data across various stakeholders in real time using #Microsoft #Teams. The result: the Hendrick team is able to determine the ideal point on a turn to ease the throttle and engage the brakes, or identify the most efficient line around a curve–and communicate it via Teams. Watch the video to see how, then contact Weston Technology Group, LLC. to see how we can help enable real-time communication and collaboration for your business with Teams and #Office365.

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Customer story: Meals on Wheels

.@_MealsonWheels serves and nourishes community members across the country. When #MealsonWheels in Greenville County wanted to reach more people in need, the organization’s leaders knew they needed a way to keep company data safe and to improve communication among team members.

With #security solutions from Microsoft365 Business, #MealsonWheels of Greenville transformed internal processes and went above and beyond the call to serve their community.

Want to know how our #Microsoft solutions can benefit your company? Contact our team at Weston Technology Group, LLC. for more.

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