Reducing the Cost of IT

IT expense planning and management is often a tedious activity for business leaders who aren’t tech savvy. It’s also a recipe for overspending on unnecessary or duplicate services, which ultimately affects a business’ ability to allocate capital for growth.

Here are a few ways to reduce capital and operating expenses:

  1. Cloud Services: Point cloud solutions can be utilized in lieu of deploying traditional servers for a monthly subscription, pay-per-use model. As your business scales through the peaks and valleys of business, maintaining an agile model is an absolute necessity.
  2. IT Asset Consolidation: If you have one or more aging servers in your computer closet or data center, modern technologies allow for virtualizing servers with little to no hardware.
  3. Phone Service: If you’re using a traditional phone system, consider switching to a lower cost IP telephony system or Internet-based system. In most cases, you can port your telephone number. If you have multiple contracts, perform a regular review to ensure you aren’t being overcharged (a common problem with carriers).
  4. Managed Service Provider: MSPs can often provide IT 24×7 services for a fraction of the cost of a traditional IT department. For companies that already have an IT department, choose an MSP that offers co-managed solutions to help ease the burden on your existing staff. A common use case would be to offload preventive maintenance, software updates, alerting/monitoring, and application management.

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